Friday, April 15, 2011

The Auto Ring Magazine aint (yes aint, intead of is not) DEAD!

No, apologies for my actions. Yes, I have been missing like the two front teeth of the drunken hustler which sells you the things you never seem to need until you get on the bus. Nevertheless, getting straight to the point we here at Auto Ring Magazine will be making power moves towards bigger things in life. Like for starters washing our clothes and things of that nature.
Of course I'm being sarcastic because we don't believe in washing our clothes. I'm joking again, but really I'm not at liberty to release the information concerning our transaction at hand. Secondly I would like to thank the faithful workers here at Auto Ring Magazine. And yes, the executive editor is my lady. Love at the work place is such a great ideal. They say the best place to meet love is in the office or was that in the club? I don't know. Anyway I apologizes for not posting my passions on the board for my readers. Wait a minute did I just apologies? But no, in all serious I apologizes for my gratuitous  laziness. Now, I will inform my beloved readers and supporter that we might have an intended lag in current updates. Now, that being said we will be back up and running shortly. Thank You.

Once again we here at Auto Ring Magazine sincerely thank you for support. I bet the guy reading this is like really, do you really thank us for our support? And the answer to that question is no, we really just want your money. I'm joking. We actually do thank you for supporting us in our pure pursuit of passion.

So, once again Thanks for your support because it wouldn't be possible with out you the readers.

From Editor in Chief Donald Seymour

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