Thursday, March 3, 2011

Could the Aventador become a timeless piece of art?

If the Reventon is a silly brutish acting fool then this would be his older more refine brother. The new iteration of the 12 cylinder flagship sport coupe has been all the talk of the town. With it's more aggressive styling then it's predecessor, Murcielago, the Aventador manges to maintain a very subtle feel to it. Not over stating, but yet not being shy about who it is. The Aventador has evolve into a very balance machine. It just provokes that "I don't have to prove myself to you" feel. So we, the on lookers, acknowledge that it has reached a certain maturity level. As if to say Ferrari is a Ferrari and I am a Lamborghini a force to be reckon with. 

The designers made an attentional effort to display the history of the Lamborghini in this car. I would be remiss to say this, that the appearance from the rear quarter panel to the front just seems to have a slight unction and reminiscent feel to them of the Miura's rear wheel arches. Or maybe I'm just seeing things.   

The exterior is of course an awe inspiring craftsmanship and execution in design. I just love the fact they they chose the door handles. It seems that they even made a celebrating moment in designing the door handles. So many lines in comparison to it's predecessor, but appears to come off as a suit and tie finish. Oh, and in matte white finish, beautiful.....just beautiful in which the finish magnifies it's dominant stance and proportions. How can we forget the incredible stance that this vehicle has? The stance let along gives this machine a very beastly appearance from all angles. 

As goes for the outside the same goes for the inside. Meaning the Lamborghini has reached a point of progression were they don't have prove themselves to anyone about what is quality and what is not. The future is what? This whole ideal of the future is tomorrow is pummeled to ground by the design team at Lamborghini. They say the future is here right now. Why wait ten to twelve years to employ futuristic styling cues? This is the suggestive take on the interior with it straight forward  center console having the earmarks of a hyper jet's console. Insinuating if you were to touch one wrong button that the car will rocket out of the stratosphere. Leather surrounds the interior giving  Aventador the quality and continuity it deserves.  Check out the pics and give us here at Auto Ring Magazine your comments and questions.

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