Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Emile Pop, The man who over came nature. Interview Part 2

Donald-Okay, this is something the readers and I have ask the question about the placement of the leather around the gas cap, why?

Pop- well, it is an element that haven't been seen before. I thought it would usher in luxury, just like you can view the engine inside the car through a window bay. Or the one I like the most is having the Crystale seen in the center console in the back.  So, when doing the interior we thought it would be a cool ideal to take the leather around that area. You know for uniqueness.

Donald-So, backtracking a little bit, tell me how did you get into automotive designing?

Pop-Well it kind of really started with me installing sounds systems in my car and making slight modifications to it. I began asking around about how to do things and also I started sketching. The school I went to was a grade below college, so yeah.

Donald-Tell us about the initial start of the project at school.

Pop-Well, when I saw the potential of it. I was like I'm ready for this. Let's do this. So, I ask the people in my class to help me build the car. Everyone, except for one, were "like forget" you and we will see you next year. My class mate Justin is the only one who said yeah that he wanted to help. When we started we didn't know how to do anything. We didn't even know how to weld or laminate, but we learned how. In order to do this then  of course we would have  sponsors. We have 50 sponsors who sponsor the build.

Donald- The interior?

Pop-The interior, I really wanted to keep it simple and uncluttered. I didn’t like to see the clutter that some cars have. I just wanted circles and lines. You know the clean lines of a yacht's interior.

Donald-Mr. Pop this is a random question for today. What is our favorite car?

Pop- The Lamborghini Gallardo, you see that some of its character cues are my inspiration for the car.  I want a car that can be seen. Its like a guy saying that he drove down the strip in Miami in a Gallardo and telling me that the car was soundless. I'm like what the point of having a car that is soundless? I hope women don't look at you. Well, I hope so. That’s why I hate electric hybrids. What is the point of a car that have no sound? It is not fun if there is no sound.

Donald-Amen.  So, Mr. Pop is there any ending words.
The ending words of Emile Pop.

Pop- You know man, this is only thing  that I will tell you, if you are passionate about something just do it. I don't even care if you don't know how to do it. Just do it. No, man I'm not trying to sound like a Nike ad. Go for your passion. I don't want to be just an average guy with a 9 to 5 job. I want to be somebody. I have to pursue my passion. I want to pursue my passion. It feels great pursing my passion.

Editor in Chief Donald Seymour Jr.
So, the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first. From the ashes this man has risen from the humble beginnings with a vision to kill the mundane spirit of the automotive industry and he continues to do. Not focusing on the “cannots” but focusing on the mission Emile Pop has proven to himself that he can take on the world if he has to.

And this is how the valve gasket crumbles.

Give us here at Auto Ring Magazine your take on this story of triumph.

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  1. The editors comments...
    You know after seeing the car in these angles I had to wipe my mouth. It is a true expression of Mr. Pop. I love the "screw you because I'm going to be me rather you like it or not design" which is harvest by the car. The thing that I note the most from Mr. Pop is that he has heart and execution. He is an executioner and it really provokes me to go full force and to pursue my dreams. He is also a very relentless man after a pursuit of happiness. When talking to him it seems as thought I was talking to a friend or a brother. And as he begin to speak on the things of his desires he became a little voice of motivation in my head. So real talk, I love to see passion and the pursuit of it. I desire for all my readers to do as Mr. Pop did and be doers not just only hearers.

    And thanks to the team Savage Rivale Road Yacht and Mr. Pop for our first exclusive interview. So, be on the look out because there is more coming.