Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are you happy now? The new look of the Ferrari four passenger car.

The look, the touch, the feel of joy is in the air has been provoked through one's mind concerning the new Ferrari FF. The official unveiling of the Ferrari FF in Maranello, Italy has calm and sooth some naysayers with it's new modern take on the four passenger coupe. In deep sigh and releasing of breathe I am proud to present to you the all new Ferrari FF, which has cause some stir and commotion on the blogs. Let's be transparent for once. Many did not think that the new iteration of the coupe will be pleasing to the eye. And I have a theory concerning that matter.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Another BMW's Concept......Nice.

The BMW ConnectedDrive concept encompasses the raw essence of what BMW is. It does it by taking on the original styling cues of the BMW era before the "dreaded" Bangle era.( By the way I loved the Bangle era.) With that being said, it displays very sharp creases which are an intrinsic value of the BMW's pass history. Although the lines appear to be in constant motion they manages to give off a clean look while also maintaining a pure recognizable profile. 

The new era of the hyper car.

The eccentric design of the Pangani Huayra seems to elevate among it peers in uniqueness. With it’s crisp clean bone line which extends itself from the beginning to the end of the Huayra giving it an elegance stance as well as a muscular stance. Very poised and confident the new iteration of the Pangani looks as though it  is ready to take on the world. The new refine look lends itself to one or two naysayers. Nevertheless, as with all great things there has been some criticism as you do have with all monarchs.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hummmmm.....The Hennessey Venom, Is it over priced?

What do you say about a hyper car on steroids that can achieve  great speeds over 267 mph? I say okay, but can you do it while looking sexy and aggressive? Yeah, sure the Hennessey Venom can do a mind blowing speed of an estimated 267mph, but is the car worth that much? I mean gee wizz is the car really worth a “cool mil” when compared to the Bugatti's caliber of luxury? So, you see I don't quite understand this whole shindig of trying to make a hyper car that has the majority of its parts from a swap-meet. Yes, it might and most likely will beat the mind blowing speed of the Veyron, but at what price? The price of looking like a 100k car claiming to be an one million dollar car. And yeah, I'm being very modest considering that this car looks like a complete rip-off of all other cars.

Is Jay Leno an authentic car guy?

The question has been posed several times, or rather mainly the criticism that has posed. Nevertheless, some would say that Jay is not a worthy car guy, but rather just a rich phony posing as a genuine car guy. You see, that doesn't cut it for me. And I will tell you why, when analyzing the “whats” and the “how to’s” of being a car guy, I honestly feel that Jay fits the description. Meaning if you were a real car guy and had a boat load of money, then most likely you would probably have a garage that is sectioned off for different brands of cars. I know I would,  because I'm a car guy. But let's make things more objective, due to our views may come across as a “subjective” point of view. Just because an individual has many cars or none at all, does or does not make them a car guru. So, what adequately makes an individual a car guy/girl? I'm glad you asked this question.