Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Emile Pop, The man who over came nature. Interview Part 2

Donald-Okay, this is something the readers and I have ask the question about the placement of the leather around the gas cap, why?

Pop- well, it is an element that haven't been seen before. I thought it would usher in luxury, just like you can view the engine inside the car through a window bay. Or the one I like the most is having the Crystale seen in the center console in the back.  So, when doing the interior we thought it would be a cool ideal to take the leather around that area. You know for uniqueness.

Emile Pop, The man who over came nature. Interview Part 1

In Spain a 19 year old young man is driving a wimpy car playing LL Cool J with all the confident and swag in the world. He can get any lady he desires. He says to himself I can take on the world if I have to. It is sunny and breezy  and he knows that he has it made.
-Pause- We must shed a tear for the bone crushing moment that will shape his life. Engine roaring, "but it is not  mine," he says to himself. And low and behold he is over taken by a guy in a Porsche Carrera taking all the shine and glory away from his world.

Have you ever felt like this before in your life? Doing the best that you can do but to only be over taken by a greater force of nature. This is the story of Emile Pop’s interview. The man who triumph over nature.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We lie and don't like to be called liars. The Acura TL, what is it?

I listen to stereotypes and I began to understand a fall of a genuine competitor to slums of the streets. Taking a glance at the vehicle before us  forces one to address the pending issue of the lack luster , sub-par luxury. This might be the first dismiss that this magazine will do, but not the last. They are saying that this vehicle is placed in the luxury segment. First, off who are "they?" Secondly, what luxury segment does this car fits in? Interestingly, I love the profile of the TL. I personally believe that it has an intrinsic value to it's design. So, as a designer at heart, I love the uniqueness that it brings to the table. Its front view having the appearance of a bird beak, as many would say, is what draws me to it. But, needless to say, it's entirety as a vehicle disgusts me.

I know you haters want to see me phased out! But I'm still here.

The delectable design of the new S sport package of Jag is geared towards the "hard core" sports enthusiast. The Jaguar has last been seen at the Geneva auto show in all its blueness. Maintaining the the same lines  and  jazzing up the already fast XKR to new highs. The S version manages to grasp the aggressive feel of the car as seen in these still shots of Jag. We instantly notice that the front fascia has been changed to make a more aggressive dominant stance. Its appearance is reminiscent of a thug, who kicks your behind in the back alley and takes all of your money. Now, leaving you all bruised up, it takes to the streets  going 60 mph in 4.2 seconds, producing 550 horse power, which is force fed by a supercharger. Yeah, beasting on the roads whipping it's tail through the sugar canes at speeds of 140. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon! An exclusive interview March 16, 2011 with Emile Pop himself, the man behind the vision!

Coming soon, the exclusive interview/article with Emile Pop, himself. This is the designer who created the Savage Rivale Road Yacht, discussing the pursuit of his passion and how it can allow you to achieve your most desirable goals. So, remember to be on the look out for the upcoming interview ,which will showcase on Wednesday, March 16, 2011. If you are not on the look out, then we suggest you get there!

Friday, March 4, 2011

The AWD videos from Ferrari

To be quite honest,  I have never seen an AWD system set up like this before.  Hopefully, the readers at Auto Ring can fill us in on whether this is an older or  newer technology. I do understand that the principles of it are not new, but the way it's created together is amazing. It manages to have a separate clutch system install directly in the front of the engine, which is very amazing to say the least. Here is the video courtesy from through Ferrariworld's channel on youtube.

Let's plan a robbery! Let's plan a robbery! Who do they think we are?

Carlsson must be the "crack dealer" of the century. And, this means we must be the "crack heads," who come back again and again to that hit. Man, you must be out of your blind devil mind if you think for a second that I would pay that amount of money for a car like this! Now, on the other hand I will lovingly accept the C25 Royale, if they were to give it to me. Yeah, we will charge you 50 thousand dollars more for a carbon fiber roof and give the car a new name.

Speed Racer! The Agera R.....Do you want one?

Yes, take a look at the new Speed Racer R edition by the Koenigsegg, gripping the road with it's massive rear tires. Now, there is no struggle to see the speeding beast eating Italian for dinner. Yeah, now I'm joining in the Italian feast because the Segg is starving with an anemic flow. And, to Bugatti , the Segg will never let you go again. With eyes closed in on the prize aiming for the top, we see the fight of its life as the two beast collide and clash. Pause, we are going to fast. I guess we got a little ahead of ourselves.

Our apologies to our readers.

Our Apologies

Hey,  to our car guys and girls we just want to let you know that the comment board is in full operation now. So, we apologize like Anita Baker on the track asking you back. No weeping now, to tell us what is on your mind, because we want to know. Let us be the first ones to tell you that we appreciate what you have done for us. Now that being said, we will have cars more abundantly. Some to your liking and some not to your liking. So sit back and relax because you are in the mist of great automotive literature.

No, I am not the same so stick with your lame ways!

It's 5 O'Clock in the morning. I'm tossing and turning trying to find words for this blank sheet of paper to convey my unspoken voice to you. Grasping my hands and clashing them together, I began to speak on the things which some people have wrote off. Just because it is not from your perspective to understand the intelligent design behind it, don't write it off.

O-Oh, Yeah its Jag! Coming at you. Sike, get your mind right.

It's back! Back in action like action Jackson taking all cars back to school, pre-school to be exact. Watching the rhythmical rhymes that screams from this car, I begin to see the "once was" essence of  the Jag. Now, I'm taking back to that old Jag perch on that hill with those aggressive lines with the scope aimed at the Bentley, Bimmers, and Benz. With the Midas's touch, it treads the streets taking down the tall giants of the industry. Whom do you speak of ? Some may ask. We speak of the Bertone, Jaguar B99. 

Again, so what is the purpose of the A4?

This five banger does a good job in giving us its first impression, but it begs the question concerning A4. So, why do we have the A4? The A3 is  very similar to size to the A4, maybe just a bit shy of it. And, horse power wise considering that Audi's vehicle line has always lacked to their competitors, it manages to have an outstanding horse power ratio to weight and size.

Gee, I've been waiting my whole life to see this car! Wait a minute, What?!

Wow, I can't wait to see what is in store for us when it comes to the new Toyota FT- II. Sarcasm is in the air for you readers out there who can not see my facial expressions. Although, FT-86G was highly   anticipated , we cannot say the same for the FT-86II. The FT-86II only  bares resemblance to the original FT-86 concept which is considered the ugly sister of the two. Maybe I didn't get the memo. Considering the market place one would believe that it has the potential to succeed in it's niche. Nevertheless, on the other hand, when placed up against the likes of the Hyundai Genesis coupe the chances are between far and between.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yeah, interesting video footage of the Volkswagen "pre-show."

A little bit odd some may say, but altogether very amusing. Its funny the "pre-show" production didn't match the quality of the cars that they were presenting. How interesting that is? Taking from our friends at, this video will give us the insight of how not to market a car.  Nevertheless, we here at Auto Ring Magazine will allow you, the reader, to make your opinion about this "shindig."

Could the Aventador become a timeless piece of art?

If the Reventon is a silly brutish acting fool then this would be his older more refine brother. The new iteration of the 12 cylinder flagship sport coupe has been all the talk of the town. With it's more aggressive styling then it's predecessor, Murcielago, the Aventador manges to maintain a very subtle feel to it. Not over stating, but yet not being shy about who it is. The Aventador has evolve into a very balance machine. It just provokes that "I don't have to prove myself to you" feel. So we, the on lookers, acknowledge that it has reached a certain maturity level. As if to say Ferrari is a Ferrari and I am a Lamborghini a force to be reckon with.