Friday, March 4, 2011

Let's plan a robbery! Let's plan a robbery! Who do they think we are?

Carlsson must be the "crack dealer" of the century. And, this means we must be the "crack heads," who come back again and again to that hit. Man, you must be out of your blind devil mind if you think for a second that I would pay that amount of money for a car like this! Now, on the other hand I will lovingly accept the C25 Royale, if they were to give it to me. Yeah, we will charge you 50 thousand dollars more for a carbon fiber roof and give the car a new name.

Basically, the same as it's predecessor, the C25 Grand Tourer  just has a different roof and a carbon fiber roof to be exact. So, why is this an anomaly? Don't ask us, because we are asking the same question. Nevertheless, the C25 Royale does manages to make the heart flutter when hearing the sound of 753 horsepower engine ,which puts down to the pavement 848 pound feet of torque. Humm...makes me quiver in my seat. I do appreciate the thought. Now, wait one minute as gravity pulls me back down to the place where we like to call earth. Noticing the sticker price, it instantly came to mind "highway robbery," but in a super uber luxury coupe. The price tag for this car which "claims" to be different from the Grand Tourer by a roof is justifiably 600,000 USD in their eyes. 

Of course, we have to discuss the exterior. Well, with its masculine lines, it completely redefines the whole ideal of the SL65. It has a very aggressive beastly presence when seen in person. So, if you have not seen it, I must say that it is a sight  for sore eyes. And, as for the interior, it's just a Mercedes SL65's interior with a tad better touch and feel to it. This is random, but boy don't you feel sorry for the cows? 

So, give us here at Auto Ring Magazine your take on this matter. 

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