Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are you happy now? The new look of the Ferrari four passenger car.

The look, the touch, the feel of joy is in the air has been provoked through one's mind concerning the new Ferrari FF. The official unveiling of the Ferrari FF in Maranello, Italy has calm and sooth some naysayers with it's new modern take on the four passenger coupe. In deep sigh and releasing of breathe I am proud to present to you the all new Ferrari FF, which has cause some stir and commotion on the blogs. Let's be transparent for once. Many did not think that the new iteration of the coupe will be pleasing to the eye. And I have a theory concerning that matter.

The theory is base on progression with unique but beautiful styling. As the styling progresses in the unique department it becomes more apparent that the car in question may become "non-photogenic." Take the Mercedes S class for an example, when it first graced the photos with its presence it was thought to be unsightly and overdone. Although, when seen in person it possess the quality of a rich executive refine touch. Furthermore, the E coupe's back wheel seems as though it is a cripple limb in the photos. However, when seen in person it has a very aggressive forward stance. So that being said, as the styling becomes progressive the photos become an actual constraint in communicating to the unseen eye. Meaning the actual beauty of the vehicle cannot be embodied in the photos, but must be seen in person. 

On a side note some would say that the FF grabs it's proportions  from the BMW Z4. The long extended hood and very short almost none existence trunk deck lid are within reasons of undoubtedly no! Why, you may say? Well taking note from the era of the Italian grand turismo of   the mid 60's to the late 70's you will notice similar proportions given to them. So, you can say it is evolutionary modern take of that particular era and less of a take of the Z4. 

So, give us here at Auto Ring your take on this matter.

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  1. This car is starting to grow on me. Especially after i saww the interior.