Monday, February 14, 2011

The new era of the hyper car.

The eccentric design of the Pangani Huayra seems to elevate among it peers in uniqueness. With it’s crisp clean bone line which extends itself from the beginning to the end of the Huayra giving it an elegance stance as well as a muscular stance. Very poised and confident the new iteration of the Pangani looks as though it  is ready to take on the world. The new refine look lends itself to one or two naysayers. Nevertheless, as with all great things there has been some criticism as you do have with all monarchs.

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As my eyes grace over the Huayra, I began to notice soul and pure passion. As if it is a living incarnation of a four wheeled beast. Not tethered down by any religious preconceived notions of what a hyper car should look like, the Pagani launches out from the next dimension. Having a neo nostalgia Rembrandt  feel to it, Pangani manages to incorporate it throughout the entire build of the Huayra. For instance the wheels and tires are done with a very intentional touch and feel to them giving them that sense of a modern post war appeal. Meaning, Pagani could have chosen a tire without Pirelli’s signature marking showing, but the designers did this to make a statement adding this subtle touch. The thoughtful thinking extends to the paint chosen for the Huarya having the actual appearance of  one whole sheet metal.

Moving from the exterior to the interior, many would say from observation that it has a take on Spyker’s interior. And I will have to agree with them; nevertheless, it is a stunning interior.  The passion of Pangani’s choice in materials brings you, the driver, to another world. Soft leather that caress your body while lifting your physical senses of touch into another dimension.

Exposing the engine bay the eye immediately zoom to the unique design of the headers. Taking  1930’s styling cues of an airplane engine suites the Huayra overall design.The Huayra is still reminding us the pass but keeping in touch with the future.

Pause, take a breathe, because you just lost one. Speechless as your hands reach towards the center console to initiate the beast. Your body begins to become absorb into the beast, one with the machine. The turnover of the engine is reminiscent of a fire jet. With wings and spoilers flapping in the air to maintain the balance of the car, you began to launch out. Flying into another ream that no car bring you to. Welcome to pure passion on wheels.

This is no car, this is a machine. 

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