Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Emile Pop, The man who over came nature. Interview Part 1

In Spain a 19 year old young man is driving a wimpy car playing LL Cool J with all the confident and swag in the world. He can get any lady he desires. He says to himself I can take on the world if I have to. It is sunny and breezy  and he knows that he has it made.
-Pause- We must shed a tear for the bone crushing moment that will shape his life. Engine roaring, "but it is not  mine," he says to himself. And low and behold he is over taken by a guy in a Porsche Carrera taking all the shine and glory away from his world.

Have you ever felt like this before in your life? Doing the best that you can do but to only be over taken by a greater force of nature. This is the story of Emile Pop’s interview. The man who triumph over nature.

Donald- Tell me initial thought of the car.

Pop- I said to myself that I never wanted to be that guy who got over taken, but I wanted to be the guy with the cool ride. So, at that point I thought of having a car that makes a statement. So what came to my mind when thinking of cruising is a yacht. Understanding that it is about capturing a moment rather than just driving to get from point A to B. The reason of the journey isn't the destination, but the enjoyment of the drive. Yes I know this sounds cliché, but it is true. What defines the moment is the drive and the destination. The original idea for the car was to stand up and walk around as you would do in a yacht, but we found out early on that it wasn't a good idea. The reasons for that being is that the road is not consciously smooth, but rather bumpy. So simulating a yacht on water isn't the best idea.

Donald-So, engine choice? I see that one of my favorite engine is chosen to the heart of this car. Why is this your choice?

Pop-Well, originally I'm a Lamborghini V10 or V12 type of guy; but at the initial start of the built we didn't have funds delegated to that price range. And they were to heavy for a front placement rear wheel drive architecture. So, I got on the web and start searching. I stumble upon a Corvette engine for 5,000 dollars. Yeah, it is a great engine and just what we needed. The engine is light, but powerful, which was great for the front placement rear wheel drive architecture. We also originally had an Audi V10 engine in it but it made the car too front heavy.  Yeah, we just recently placed butterfly valves in the pipes. So going through the tunnel the car sounds great, nothing but straight pipes. Have you heard that sound before?

Donald-Yeah, it sounds like an orgasmic attack. I instantly notice that there is no compromises concerning the car. Why is that?

Pop-You know when you see concepts and how great the cars are and then they hit production and they suck! I didn’t want that.

Donald-I know exactly what you mean! I hate when that happens.

Pop-So the thing was never to compromise on the design.

Donald- The wheels, I see the curvature on the lip of the wheel weld around the wheels and to say the least I am amazed.

Pop-Yeah, no compromise here. What you see is what you get. The thing with the wheels is that they give great cornering and turning radius for the car. It is just going in a straight line that cause some issues, but since this vehicle is still in it's developing stages we still can tweak these things to our liking. The thing is when designing the car I first focus on form and then worry on about the function.

Donald-The lines of this car? Tell us about them.

Pop- You know how you see the very subtle lines of cars? Well, I didn't want that. I wanted the lines to appear as though they come right from the sketch paper. I wanted the viewer to see the actual line drawn in the car with a pencil. The stride of the lines that come from the front of the car to the tail is taken from a yacht. I wanted to see the lines very vividly.

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