Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is Jay Leno an authentic car guy?

The question has been posed several times, or rather mainly the criticism that has posed. Nevertheless, some would say that Jay is not a worthy car guy, but rather just a rich phony posing as a genuine car guy. You see, that doesn't cut it for me. And I will tell you why, when analyzing the “whats” and the “how to’s” of being a car guy, I honestly feel that Jay fits the description. Meaning if you were a real car guy and had a boat load of money, then most likely you would probably have a garage that is sectioned off for different brands of cars. I know I would,  because I'm a car guy. But let's make things more objective, due to our views may come across as a “subjective” point of view. Just because an individual has many cars or none at all, does or does not make them a car guru. So, what adequately makes an individual a car guy/girl? I'm glad you asked this question.

What makes an individual a car guy/girl is the fact that they have a passion burning in their heart for automotive. Passion is that innate substance that propels an individual to humbly  pursue and to seek knowledge.   

So, is Jay Leno a genuine car guy? First, let us establish the bounds of this article is not to judge any one, but rather look closer and analyze the heart of the issue. Again, this article is not to encourage any reader to proceed with judging an individual concerning his "beliefs." Navigating back to the original question at hand, and looking from an objective perspective we (i.e. editors at Auto Ring) would have to conclude yes. One intrinsic reason is that Jay has helped to bring in a harmony of understanding  appertaining to the history of automotive. Guess you can say Jay is kind of like a walking historian of automotive.  To say the least Leno has even contributed greatly on my repertoire of steam cars.   

Bringing balance to the situation we should not confuse an individual with a slew of cars a connoisseur of them. This ushers in the dilemma of infatuations of the status symbols that are associated with the automobile rather than the pure essence of it, which also is not a blameworthy matter. Then, it all boils back down to the pursue of passion, which is the common denominator of all car guys/girls. 

So, give us at Auto Ring your take on this matter. 

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