Monday, February 14, 2011

Another BMW's Concept......Nice.

The BMW ConnectedDrive concept encompasses the raw essence of what BMW is. It does it by taking on the original styling cues of the BMW era before the "dreaded" Bangle era.( By the way I loved the Bangle era.) With that being said, it displays very sharp creases which are an intrinsic value of the BMW's pass history. Although the lines appear to be in constant motion they manages to give off a clean look while also maintaining a pure recognizable profile. 

The concept is a display of what lies in the future for the next generation of BMWs'. Replacing the rather conservative approach with a more aggressive approach. In reminiscent of the late 90's 7 series stance it poses a similar stance with arching back ready to pounce. This is rather seen as a good transition as oppose to the bland direction which was initially taken.  The concept harvest what any typical concept would harvest. You have the swooping dash board which is tiring at first sight. And of course you have the abuse of LEDs' surrounding the car. And the unforgettable interior that with a "hundred percent" will not carry over. How can we forget that. Nevertheless, it is a stunning study model that I would not mind seeing incorporated in the future cars. 

So, give us here at Auto Ring Magazine your sincere unbiased take on this matter.

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