Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hummmmm.....The Hennessey Venom, Is it over priced?

What do you say about a hyper car on steroids that can achieve  great speeds over 267 mph? I say okay, but can you do it while looking sexy and aggressive? Yeah, sure the Hennessey Venom can do a mind blowing speed of an estimated 267mph, but is the car worth that much? I mean gee wizz is the car really worth a “cool mil” when compared to the Bugatti's caliber of luxury? So, you see I don't quite understand this whole shindig of trying to make a hyper car that has the majority of its parts from a swap-meet. Yes, it might and most likely will beat the mind blowing speed of the Veyron, but at what price? The price of looking like a 100k car claiming to be an one million dollar car. And yeah, I'm being very modest considering that this car looks like a complete rip-off of all other cars.

Now grant it is a very aggressive style "hyper car,” but nevertheless does not have the fit and finish of the Veyron.  You would think they would have use the speed and looks as a leverage mechanism to market it to the public as a cheaper and faster hyper car, but they thought otherwise. Pulling the veil over who’s eyes, I don’t  know.  Hummmmmm....okay yeah we got ya. 

You know  the Veyron's competitors seen to  get it widely confuse with just speed. When you have a voluptuous interior that absorbs you in its presence giving you momentary illusions of grandeur and simultaneously manage to pull your head off at speeds of 267mph, that is when you know you have a hyper car.

Anyone knows that you can make a car go at speeds of 267mph and above, but the question is can you do it with style?  So, that being said give us here at Auto Ring your take on this "hyper car" era; and help enlighten us on the “why” the Venom is or isn’t in the category of the Bugatti. 

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  1. U darn right its over priced. Saleen never priced there car that much that and it was a better car.