Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We lie and don't like to be called liars. The Acura TL, what is it?

I listen to stereotypes and I began to understand a fall of a genuine competitor to slums of the streets. Taking a glance at the vehicle before us  forces one to address the pending issue of the lack luster , sub-par luxury. This might be the first dismiss that this magazine will do, but not the last. They are saying that this vehicle is placed in the luxury segment. First, off who are "they?" Secondly, what luxury segment does this car fits in? Interestingly, I love the profile of the TL. I personally believe that it has an intrinsic value to it's design. So, as a designer at heart, I love the uniqueness that it brings to the table. Its front view having the appearance of a bird beak, as many would say, is what draws me to it. But, needless to say, it's entirety as a vehicle disgusts me.

Starting with its exterior fit and finish., the TL is  an excellent competitor to the Honda Accord, but  I would not necessarily consider it a so-called,  "luxurious competitor". However, I am a huge fan of this Acura's design. Maybe, you the readers can help me on this, because I cannot quite put my fingers on it. But execution of the exterior gaps and fittings on this vehicle does not appeal very luxurious to me. I don't know why, but it doesn't.  And, I'm still trying to figure it out. I just can put my finger on it.

There is much speculation concerning the interior  of of the TL being sub-par. To end this speculation ,  I  would have to agree and say yes. This interior is not rich nor laden with "luxury - style amenities ," any more than it sister, the Honda Accord. 

So, the question of concern still remains: why do they they describe this car as luxurious, just because its interior has one wooden panel that strides down the center console? Cheap appearance plastics are every were!  Is it wrong for me to say that I actually think that Honda Accord's interior is better?  Acura, I'm   very sorry to inform you that only placing one wooden panel in the center console does not, does not, and I mean does not,  necessitate it being a LUXURY CAR!

Acura, where have you been? I thought you were   here. I must be mistaken! What happened to the  very sophisticated, sexy, and sleek-appearing, Legend? With all the right lines that defines a luxury car's exterior and interior, you decided to scrap it. 

To Acura, Step your game up ASAP! Because I don't want to let you go!

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