Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I know you haters want to see me phased out! But I'm still here.

The delectable design of the new S sport package of Jag is geared towards the "hard core" sports enthusiast. The Jaguar has last been seen at the Geneva auto show in all its blueness. Maintaining the the same lines  and  jazzing up the already fast XKR to new highs. The S version manages to grasp the aggressive feel of the car as seen in these still shots of Jag. We instantly notice that the front fascia has been changed to make a more aggressive dominant stance. Its appearance is reminiscent of a thug, who kicks your behind in the back alley and takes all of your money. Now, leaving you all bruised up, it takes to the streets  going 60 mph in 4.2 seconds, producing 550 horse power, which is force fed by a supercharger. Yeah, beasting on the roads whipping it's tail through the sugar canes at speeds of 140. 

The interior seats of this particular Jag seems to take a page right out of Audi's book. The seats look like they have been literately ripped from the Audi S5 or maybe it just an ongoing style and trend. I don't know, but nevertheless, the interior is clean and well presented to the end-user. One feature I admire about the Jag is that it does not have too much visual clutter. Furthermore, everything concerning the interior is relatively the same as the previous XKR.  So, besides the seats, don't expect anything new. However, the Jag does incorporate the "carbon leather" for a lack of better words into it's interior. 

So, give us here at Auto Ring Magazine your take on the new Jaguar XKR-S.

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