Friday, March 4, 2011

O-Oh, Yeah its Jag! Coming at you. Sike, get your mind right.

It's back! Back in action like action Jackson taking all cars back to school, pre-school to be exact. Watching the rhythmical rhymes that screams from this car, I begin to see the "once was" essence of  the Jag. Now, I'm taking back to that old Jag perch on that hill with those aggressive lines with the scope aimed at the Bentley, Bimmers, and Benz. With the Midas's touch, it treads the streets taking down the tall giants of the industry. Whom do you speak of ? Some may ask. We speak of the Bertone, Jaguar B99. 

With its pristine fluid lines, the concept conjured up the pass of the elegant body of the 80's and 90's Jag. Now, it scopes on the 3series hoping to rip straight into that vest exposing that chest. Waiting for that number 3 to be laying down on that payment with the oil spill out screaming in the agony of defeat. So, everybody wants to dethrone the king? Yep, Jag does! Now, stalking down its prey with the precision of a surgical instrument, we fall back into the audience to take note of the kill. Pause, we take a deep breathe and watch the slow rhythmical skilled killer holding on to that jugular with that oil spewing out on tarmac. 

We take a break and make note on the body of the beast. exposing the pass but maintaining the future, we see that Jags havent' forgot their roots. Using the design as a leverage mechanism, but yet moving with the future XJ and it siblings can create a diverse portfolio. As mentioned previously, before it takes cues from the from the 80's and 90's Jag era, which is thoughtful, I want the firm to continue being innovative in the designing process. I would have to admit that is a fear of mine. I love the new look, but let's move on to bigger things and keep this as a mark of the pass. 

I neglected to say that this Jag is a communion between Bertone and Jaguar, which means it is a good chance that we may not see it. I know, wipe your eyes. Its okay.

So, give us here at Auto Ring Magazine your opinion.
Do you think that the Jag has what it takes to demolish the 3 series?

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