Friday, March 4, 2011

Again, so what is the purpose of the A4?

This five banger does a good job in giving us its first impression, but it begs the question concerning A4. So, why do we have the A4? The A3 is  very similar to size to the A4, maybe just a bit shy of it. And, horse power wise considering that Audi's vehicle line has always lacked to their competitors, it manages to have an outstanding horse power ratio to weight and size.
So, big props to Audi for deciding it should get in the performance department. For many reason one would naturally think that this is a 3 series fighter. With its 5 cylinder engine, which is transverse across the engine bay (which I absolutely hate maybe because I'm old school) producing a whopping 408 horse power through the aid of turbo chargers,  it is able to take on the 3series, maybe? And,  this would be an accurate description after seeing and comparing the proportion of the two, which are indeed very close. This being said, one might gravitate towards slashing out the A4 as a possible. We will see how things fall from here.

Now, we are ready to describe this  vehicle 's physical attributes. As always, Audi never fails to impress us with their concepts. It just strikes one as being lack luster when they come to production version. The aggressiveness slips away and the car goes from a beast to a very nerdy docile  creator. Placing that aside and focusing on the now, we can see the aggressive lines that once were confirmed in A7 concept flowing into this concept. It has a very mature sleek and sexy feel to it. Not being so obvious, but not being oblivious as well, it delegates powerful lines in all the proper places. 

The interior, well let's just say that it is very plausible. Meaning, it is a good chance that we could see the majority of it reach production level. Maintaining the mature look on the inside as well on the outside, we instantly see a very cool, calm, and collect approach on the interior. The space does not have a lot of clutter, but also is not too bland on the same hand.  It is called balance in design. The interior should communicate the presence of the exterior of the vehicle, design 101 for you. 

So give us here at Auto Ring Magazine your take on this five banger. 

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